About & Contact

Ashe Inkrott

A bilingual writer, VTuber, and college student.

Hello, I’m Ashe.

I am a writer, a college student, and a VTuber. I am also bilingual with my languages being English and Japanese.

What I Do

When it comes to my writing, I write web novels that I plan to turn into original English light novels. I draw a lot of inspiration from otaku things, such as anime, manga, and video games. At this point in time, I primarily write fantasy stories with LGBTQ+ characters. As a bisexual/pansexual, I would like to represent my community and share stories that feature strong characters that also belong in that group. Currently, my goal is to finish editing the first web novel that I have finished, The Rise of The Dragon Queen.

Also, I want to start reviewing anime, manga, light novels, and other web novels since I draw so much inspiration from them. These reviews will be in the form of blog posts.

I also make videos for YouTube and stream there! You can check out both my main channel and my gaming channel, as well as all of my other social links, in my Carrd.

To those of you who made it to the end, thank you for reading this page! Have a wonderful day!

Want to reach out? Contact me!

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